Manufacturer Partners

Cedar House Partners with only the finest Manufacturers

Budget friendly, high quality imported lighting products.  Local Stock

Huge offering of lighting products.  Local stock, great price and quality.

Cable management products - allow one person to easily pull wire with ease.

Custom metal brackets, bullhorns, goof rings, whatever else you can think up!

Home automation, amazing technology available to install in your new home, or as a retrofit on your current home!

Surplus Electrical products - Ballasts, lamps and fixtures

Track and fittings.  Architectural track heads and accessories

Cedar House is a proud partner of OZ Sales!  This partnership brings the finest power quality, transformer and variable frequency drive peripherals to the Cedar House lineup.  

Manufacturer of standard and custom dry-type transformers up to 600V

Manufacturer of liquid filled distribution, small/medium transformers

Wide range of industrial control and power quality solutions

Custom Design and Manufacturing of high quality Medium and High Voltage Dry Type and Liquid Filled Transformers

Cos Phi is a Canadian power quality and power factor correction company

Cedar House Automotive

And now for something completely different!  Check out the Cedar House for all of your automotive, motorcycle and marine supply requirements

Sumex International

Sumex has always been considered a leading supplier of stylish and innovative accessories, where design and presentation sit comfortably with practicality and quality.

its this desire to maintain this brand leadership that drives Sumex to constantly evolve its brands and collections.  The Sumex team works passionately to obtain the best solutions in the most advanced aftermarket accessories available worldwide and to keep you ahead of the game.  

If you are already a Sumex partner, you will be aware of the level of excellence offered by Sumex in its products, marketing and customer services, so appreciated by clients around the world.

If you are new to Sumex take time to study the contents of the catalogue and begin to discover and understand why so many people worldwide put their faith and trust in the Sumex brands and its commitment to quality, service and innovation.

Spare Shield

Spare tire theft is becoming an increasing problem for auto dealerships and consumers who own SUVs, pick-ups, and vans. 
Do you have a spare tire attached to the undercarriage of your vehicle? If you answered yes, then SPARE SHIELD can save you hundreds of dollars in replacement and repairs. In less than 30 seconds a potential thief can cut the cable or chain that attaches your spare tire to your vehicle. SPARE SHIELD deters theft by shielding the most vulnerable part of a spare tire undermount assembly, without tools, chains, or complicated installations!

South Simcoe Shine Shop

Bring your old treasures back to new again.  

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